Monday, February 22, 2010

I like where you sleep, when you sleep next to me. I like when you sleep. Here. Our lips can touch. And our cheeks can brush. Cause our lips can touch.

I really shouldn't be wearing your jumper around. It can't be doing me any good. These scenarios I keep conjuring up, they can't be good for my mental health. I know that I'm not really the relationship type, that I've never been a fan of those soppy teenage romance movies, but the thought of you offering me your jumper... i got chills.
But as I said this can't be good for me. You didn't offer it to me. It wasn't a romantic, mushy thing, it was a practical thing. You don't even know that I'm wearing it around. You can't know that I'm wearing it right now. That would be creepy. It's just that it reminds me of you. It's just that it gives me warm feelings. It's just that it smells like you.
It's just that I wish that you had given it to me in a romantic, mushy way.